Meet Jared Paden


Jared was born and raised in Fort Wayne and has spent much of his life working and volunteering in the area. His first job was as a camp counselor and life guard for a local Christian Summer camp. Jared has been married to his wife, Julia, for 4 years, with whom he has two sons: Moses and Shiloh. In his spare time, Jared loves going on walks and to the park with his family, playing with his kids, and playing basketball. Jared is actively involved in his church, Pine Hills City Church, and regularly participates in basketball games at the YMCA. He attended International House of Prayer University for Christian Ministries. Jared’s focus in life is centered around his relationship with Christ and building relationships with his wife, children, family, and friends. Jared finds that buying a home can be one of the most significant steps in a person’s life. He finds it exciting to help people in the process of finding their ideal home.


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Jared Paden
Associate Broker

Jared's Perfect Day:

Getting up and having breakfast with my family, Having a very productive day at work and spending the evenings relaxing with my family and friends

Jared's Desired Super Power


3 things Jared couldn't live without:

Family, friends, and summertime

3 books Jared would have to have on a Desert Island:

The Bible, The Principle of the Path, The Chronicles of Narnia 

Jared's Favorite Quote:

“If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice,” -Unknown